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How To Collect Data


How to collect data from Internet: Go to any Web site, local search engine, directory, yellow pages etc. and search required details.

1. Open any Web site
2. Enter the assigned keyword and location
3. Click on search button
4. ( A list of companies will be displayed on the web page)
5. Find detail of the company from CONTACT DETAILS option.
6. Copy the required information about the company in your excel sheet.

Company will also provide a CD for Training help and CD consists Following Information:: 

1) How to search the data from Different Internet Sites.
2) How to Collect data.
3) How to Copy the data.
4) How to Paste data in Excel Sheet.

Following entries are compulsory for every company :
(company name, Address, City, State,  Phone,  Email, Website, Business Details)
Following entries are optional (If you are not able to find these entries you can leave it blank) :
( Mobile, Fax, Contact Person )

Example :

  1. Company Name : Only Limited or Private Limited companies should be listed In the Excel format.
    e.g naukriaim infotech pvt Ltd.
  2. Address : The address of a company must include house number.
    for e.g, 11/1, 1st Floor, Street No- 1, Govindpuri.
  3. City : City would be listed such as for
    e.g, Delhi/New Delhi.
  4. State : State would be listed such as for
    e.g, Delhi/New Delhi.
  5. Phone : The format of phone number should be clear with STD Code
    for e.g. of Delhi phone no will be 011-26467122.
  6. Mobile : All mobile numbers should start with zero (0). For e.g. 09811785714.
  7. Fax :  The format of Fax number should be clear with STD Code
    for e.g. of Delhi Fax no will be 011-26467122.
  8. Email : Email, for e.g,
  9. Website : Website, for e.g,
  10. Contact Person : Contact Person name should be with first name only for e.g, Poonam.
  11. Business Details : For the Business Details, candidate have to write down their Keywords only which will have provided by us during the Training.

Requirement Data

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